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  • Adult Introductory Program

    Adult Introductory Program

    Can you relate to any of these statements?

    Low in confidence

    It is very easy to get discouraged. In fact when most people say they want to learn self defense, what they really mean is, they would like to feel more confident. Maybe it’s standing up to someone or maybe it’s having the courage to ask someone out on a date.

    Lacking in discipline

    Have you tried every work out imaginable but been unable to stick to anything. It comes down to discipline. The truth is, you don’t need anything fancy to get in shape. With us, every class you are challenged to be better than yesterday. Success is a habit.


    Bored with the gym

    Whether it is a new submission or a superman punch, you will always be challenged with something new. Being a Combat Athlete requires a variety of skills and physical attributes. Not a typical day on the treadmill, that’s for sure!

    Ready for a new challenge 

    For a few of our students, it is getting prepared for a cage fight. For most, it is simply trying something new that will show them they are capable of anything they set their mind to. All while making new positive friends in a safe environment.

  • Children Introductory Program 5-12 years old

    Children Introductory Program 5-12 years old 


    Low in confidence. It is very easy for kids to suffer from a low self esteem. Is it the bully at school who constantly calls them names or the kids picking on them because they could not hit the ball. Worse yet, was it a coach or teacher who does not understand the impact their words have on children. 


    Lacking in interest. Has your child tried many sports but not really get excited by any of them? Do they just go through the motions with out really getting engaged in what they are doing? 


    Academic achiever. Does your child excel in many different academic areas? At the same time do they feel uncomfortable in physical activities? Do they say that they are not athletic?

  • Synergistic Fitness For Woman

  • Little Ninjas 3 - 5 years old

    Little Ninja Introductory Program

    Activity that will develop your child social skills

    Activity that will develop your child discipline

    Activity that will develop your child basic motor skills

    Activity that will teach your child to calm down and not be so hyperactive

    Activity that will increase your child attention span

    Activity that will build your child confidence

    Activity that will reinforce family values

    Activity that will help prepare the child for school

    Activity that the child will learn about setting goals

  • High Level Self Defense

    High Level Self Defense 

    This is a private, semi-private, group or family class. Is an empowering commitment class, hands on seminar on High Level Self Defense. You will learn empty hand fighting training, basic knife defense, baton (rattan,stick) and fire-arm training. “learn how to respond to an active shooter or a home invasion”. It will take a couple of month to complete. Before the class begin we will have an introductory and orientation interview for questions and answers  


    This seminar will be like nothing ever before. You will be proud about yourself and ready to protect yourself and family.

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